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There is a rubber washer or a plastic cap to cover the hole of water supply in the faucet. When you shut the hole off by the washer or plastic cap, water from the faucet will be stopped. If these washers or plastic caps are worn out, it will be leaked and water drips from the faucet. Accordingly you need to change the washers or the plastic caps. But there are too many different style of faucets and internal structures of faucets are different by the brand and manufactures. So we would like to suggest to ask a specialist to change the washers or plastic caps.
Most home owners want to repair shower/tub faucet leaks by themselves. If your shower/tub faucet is a 2 or 3 handle style, most people understand you need to replace the worn rubber washer to repair the leak.. After replacing the worn rubber washer, you put the stem into the faucet housing. Make sure you position the stem in an open position.
If you assemble the stem in a closed position there is a possibility that the seat thread might break and you wont be able to use the faucet anymore or you might bend the stem.
Thread part for the seat in the housing. this thread part might be broken by the stem close position.
As shown in the picture, the closed stem length (A) is longer than the depth of the faucet housing (B).
  Sudden leaking at the kitchen sink
There are many reasons for kitchen sink leaking. One of them is the spray head faucet leak. When you turn the faucet on, lots of water is dripping at the kitchen sink. Then you need to think faucet connection.
When you have a big and sudden leak in your kitchen cabinet below the sink, you need to check the sewage smell from the leaking water. If you cant smell the sewage ?and your kitchen faucet is a spray style (refer to the picture), you need to check the connection point between the flexible water line and spray head.
Sometimes when you pull out the spray head, the connection from the spray head and the flexible line gets loose. This is the most common reason for leaks in your faucet.
You need to tighten the connection point again. Now you have solved one of the easier kitchen cabinet leaking problems.
  Dont tighten the shower faucet too much
Even when you shut the shower faucet off, water will drip from the shower head and spout for a short time because of the remaining water in the line.
Most people do not realize the water dripping from the shower head and the spout is from the remaining water in the pipe and tends to tighten the faucet handle more and more to stop the water.
If you try to tighten the faucet handle too much the rubber washer at the end of the stem will get worn faster and eventually you will need to replace it.
So try not to tighten it too much. After shutting it off, please wait a few minutes until all the water in the line drips out through the shower head and spout. If it is still dripping then tighten it a little more to stop the dripping.